Core™ Travel Insurance provides travel medical insurance for groups traveling overseas. As a group member, you are:

  • Automatically covered through coverage put in place with us by your sending organization
  • Insured by a Core™ plan designed for travelers like you and organizations like yours
  • Able to individually upgrade your plan, add higher limits and extra benefits to your insurance, and pay for your additional premiums by using the convenient log-in on the Core™ website
  • Covered by Core™ Travel Assistance, a worldwide 24/7 emergency assistance service
We join with your Organization in wishing you a safe journey of uncommon travels.

traveler services

Travelers insured by Core™ Travel Insurance may log-in to:

  • Get insurance information
  • Print your medical travel ID card
  • Upgrade your coverage benefits
  • Purchase higher plan limits
  • Extend your coverage period
  • Add baggage / personal property coverage
  • Increase your trip cancellation coverage
  • Conveniently pay for your upgrade premiums
  • Download a claim form
  • Edit your profile information

*Not an insured, but interested in Core™ Travel Insurance? Click here to see How it Works.