Who uses Core™ Travel?

Core™ Travel is group travel insurance for organizations that send people of any nationality traveling around the world outside their home country. It’s perfect for organizations that use volunteers or that send students, staff or participants on educational, developmental, recreational or training programs overseas.

Sorry--despite the number of much-appreciated requests that we have received from travelers who would like to use Core™ Travel again on their own, our coverage is not available to individuals, only to groups.

What is the point?

Satisfaction for international travelers combined with risk management for organizations.

How does Core Travel Insurance work?

Once a group has set up a travel insurance policy with Core™ Travel, they download their basic travel details into our database. Their travelers can then log into a Core™ Travel website that's been customized for their group. That's what travelers are doing right now from our home page.

The website they reach allows them to print their ID card or buy insurance upgrades or extensions, as well as find customized insurance, FAQs, claims and contact information. It's a resource both for the traveler and to the sending organization, who then doesn't have to provide much insurance detail to their group beyond the Core™ website address.

How do the upgrades work?

A basic "core" package of insurance is automatic for everyone insured in the group. This way any traveler who doesn’t want to think another minute about travel insurance doesn’t have to.

But their organization will know that important basic travel insurance coverage is in effect for everyone...while making it possible for their travelers to get higher limits, longer dates of coverage, or extra kinds of insurance if they wish.

Offering choice is what creates the risk management benefit for the organization. It's also a way of accommodating personal taste, cultural differences and variations in travel plans from person to person.

What kind of upgrades?

Travelers can arrange their Core™ Travel insurance to get higher trip interruption benefits if, for example, travel tickets to their destination are particularly expensive.

They can adjust medical expense levels, for example, if their destination country is known for higher medical costs. They can increase other benefit levels too.

They can add coverage to either end of their program dates, so that they don't need to find another insurance policy for continued travel overseas.

They can get baggage coverage or extra cancellation coverage if they want to.

Organizations decide about the Core™ packages and upgrades to offer; travelers decide on how to use the upgrades and buy them independently off the website.

How can I get Core™ Travel Insurance for my group?

Core™ Travel Insurance is such an innovation in the travel insurance market that it is patented.

For more information about Core™ Travel Insurance, please contact administrator@coretravelinsurance.com.